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Peek Material from Junora (www.juvoradental.com)KDL is very pleased to announce that it now uses Juvora’s new and revolutionary Peek material, which is used along with the CAD/CAM technology for the manufacturing of implants, crowns, bridges, partial dentures.



  • Metal-free
  • Elasticity close to that of the bone
  • High durability to weight ratio
  • Damage, friction, corrosion resistant
  • Pure PEEOPTIMA R material, free of residual solvents
  • Xray permeable, xray compatible
  • Resistance to repeated sterilization
  • Longterm biocompatibility, as it is an implantable material

Benefits for patients

  • Powerful and lightweight, for the patients’ comfort
  • Digital design, for personalized fit
  • Neutral taste
  • No thermal or electrical conductivity
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Absorbs forces during mastication

10 years of proven success.

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